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Subject: Minutes 19 June TC Meeting

1. Roll Call
  Hal Lockhart (Co-chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
  Erik Rissanen
  Rich Levinson
  Anil Saldhana
  Seth Proctor
  David Staggs

  John Moehrke (Observer)

  Voting Members: 6 of 8 (71%)

2. Administrivia

   Financial commitments are required by the end of the month.

   Bill reported that he is still awaiting feedback from Oasis on the
   appropriate licensing model to use for publishing the Conformance
   Tests to sourceforge.net

   Erik reset the Errata entries recently modifying the dayTimeDuration
   and yearMonthDuration data type identifiers

3. Issues
   Daytime/yearmonth Duration Datatypes
   Erik proposed the mechanism by which these datatypes are handled in
   V3. Hal concurred and voiced support for a deprecation mechanism
   to address external identifier references.

   #88 XPath Function Calls
   There is general resistance to the use of qnames due to c14n
   signature issues. Therefore, lacking a general reference mechanism
   the TC will study which functions will are suitable for
   incorporation into the specification explicitly. The spec will
   continue to depend upon functional definitions of XPath and
   continue to use its identifiers on a specific functions. The TC
   will decide upon a list of functions by the next call and will
   entertain additional functions on a case-by-case basis going

  #76 Multiple Conditions
   Hal offered to create a proposal to address how this might be
   resolved for the ANY and ALL case. The TC decided to CLOSE the
   case of multiple conditions on an XML document, given XPath's
   ability to do this.

  #73 Reduction
   Erik suggests that this issue has effectively been addressed by
   the currently proposed V3 reduction mechanism. The Issue is
   CLOSED with no action.

   Hal has taken an Action Item to review the V2 specification re:
   the handling/existence of "top level" policies for PDPs. This
   issue is deferred to the list for further discussion.

meeting adjourned.

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