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Subject: A problem in the multiple resource profile


I am in the process of updating the multiple resource profile to the 
latest working draft of the core. I just realized that there is a small 
problem in XACML 2.0 multiple resource profile.

The multiple resource profile defines functionality in which multiple 
resources in an XML document are referenced in the request by means of 
an XPath expression.

In the core schema there is a feature for versioning of XPath in XACML 
policies in the form of the <PolicyDefaults> element. It contains the 
version of XPath which is used in the policy.

However, there is no similar feature in the request, which may contain 
xpath expressions as well (as in the case of the multiple resource profile).

Perhaps we should add XPath versioning to the request as well?

A simple way to do it is to introduce a <RequestDefaults> element in the 
request, which would be similar to the <PolicyDefaults> element.

I don't know if we can change XACML 2.0 at this point, but we could at 
least fix it in 3.0.

Best regards,

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