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Subject: Re: [xacml] The duration data types


I have tried to search the XACML email archives for this issue.

I found the following discussion which mentions restricting the general 
XML schema data type to yearMonth and DayTime:


So it appears it was a conscious decision.

I found the following discussion which mentions that the data types were 
introduces to cover the use case of "being 21":


Since there seems to be some kind of motivation for the current design, 
although it is not entirely clear to me, and since it is easier to add 
new functions in some future specification than it is to clean up things 
if we end up with needless functions, I would lean towards not 
introducing the xs:duration data type in 3.0.

In the worst case it is possible to add a full duration to a datetime by 
doing a two step procedure where you add the yearMonth and dayTime parts 

Any thoughts?

Best regards,

Erik Rissanen wrote:
> All,
> Why is the xs:duration datatype not part of XACML, while the two 
> restrictions on this data type, xs:dayTimeDuration and 
> xs:YearMonthDuration are?
> Should we include xs:duration and the function ...:dayTime-add-duration?
> It seems strange that currently it is possible to add a year and a 
> month to a datetime, or add a day and a time, but you cannot do both 
> at once. Was there a reason for this?
> Regards,
> Erik
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