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Subject: Minutes 14 August 2008 TC Meeting

1. Roll Call
  Hal Lockhart (minutes)
  Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
  Rich Levinson
  Anil Saldhana
  Seth Proctor
  David Staggs
  Anthony Nadalin
  Anil Tappetla (non-voting)
  John Tolbert (non-voting)

  Voting Members: 7 of 9 (77%)

2. Administrivia
   Vote on Minutes from 31 July 2008
   Approved with unanimous consent

   OASIS Identity Metasystem Interoperability (IMI) TC
   Oasis announced the proposed formation of the IMI which will work to
   increase the quality and number of interoperable implementations of
   Information Cards and associated identity system components.

3. Issues
   Optimizing <Target> evaluation
   Erik was not on the call to discuss. Will be pushed to the next  

   Optional return of policy idsof policies applicable to request
   Hal reviewed his proposal and summarized the comments from the list.
   In general there appears to be interest in pursuing this and there
   have been suggestions to leverage this for auditing purposes. Hal
   will pursue further.

   XACML Comments
   The comment list received a number of postings. The TC is encouraged
   to review this input and provide responses.

   XSPA Profile of XACML v2.0 for Healthcare proposal
   David briefly reviewed the proposed Profile he posted to the list.
   He noted that the work is based up the original work Rich did for the
   last Interop. The TC is encouraged to review this document with the
   intent to vote upon its recognition as a TC Work Item at the next

meeting adjourned.

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