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Subject: Minutes 25 September 2008 TC Meeting

1. Roll Call
   Hal Lockhart (minutes)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Erik Rissanen
   Rich Levinson
   Seth Proctor
   Duane DeCouteau
   David Staggs
   Anthony Nadalin

   Darran Rolls
   Brett Burley

   Quorum reached Voting Members: 8 of 9 (88%)

2. Administrivia
   Vote on Minutes from 28 August 2008
   Approved with unanimous consent

   Vote on Minutes from 11 September 2008
   Approved with unanimous consent

   Oasis announced the Interop in April.
   Deadlines for participation are coming up soon.

3. Issues
   Rich will make a proposal to address what additional "missing"
   attributes can be sent in a "re-issued" XACML request.

   p-code/normative combining descriptions
   Rich raised concerns re: making the p-code non-normative. The TC
   has agreed to keep the p-code normative and Erik will work with
   Rich to enhance the descriptive text to accommodate the concerns
   raised on the list.

   side note: Erik will raise an issue about the combining algorithm
   for Deny-Overrides process order needing to be revisited.

   multiple action-id Request/Action elements
   Rich will create some XACML Policy examples to define the problem
   set in more detail.

   Unicode/string matching
   Erik proposes that we use Unicode Code Point Collation. The TC
   has general agreement that this be adopted. Erik will update the
   draft as necessary.

   Core Issues
   Erik proposed on the list that the TC focus on clarifying and
   resolving those issues that affect the Core schema. There is
   general agreement that this correct course of action.

   Rich will review the changes associated with Issue 87 in the errata
   created by Erik (i.e. the fixes to details in the examples.)

meeting adjourned.

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