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Subject: Minutes 6 November 2008 TC Meeting

1. Roll Call
    Hal Lockhart (Chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
    Erik Rissanen
    Anthony Nadalin
    Rich Levinson
    Seth Proctor
    Duane DeCouteau
    David Staggs

    John Tolbert
    Prateek Mishra

    Quorum reached Voting Members: 8 of 10 (80%)

2. Administrivia
    Vote on Minutes from 23 October 2008
    Approved with unanimous consent

    HIMSS 2009
    David reviewed the changes to the HIMSS conference with HITSP.
      Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society:
      Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel:

    V3 Uploads
    Erik has posted Draft 7 of the Core and Profile documents.

    The TC discussed the recent request to support "boxcarring" in V3
    and whether this should be addressed in the Core schema. Hal will
    craft a proposal that doesn't affect the Core schema, but
    leverages the Multiple Resources Profile.

    V3 Roadmap
    The TC discussed the scope of documents ready for Committee Draft.
    The following specs are to be included the first public review:
    Core Specification
    Profile: Delegation
    Profile: Hierarchal Resources
    Profile: Privacy
    Profile: RBAC
    Profile: DSIG
    Profile: Multiple Resource
    Profile: SAML

    The Multiple Resources and SAML Profiles are pending the outcome
    of the boxcarring proposal from Hal.

3. Issues
   Combining Order
   The TC discussed the current state of the Issue.
   STATUS: OPEN, pending a proposal from Erik.

   List Policies Proposal
   Erik reviewed this proposal

   Erik reviewed the solution to Unicode Issue to be
   incorporated into v3.

   Missing Attributes (#83)
   Resolved for v3 will not be addressed v2.

   ipAddress Regexex-match
   The general consensus is that the existing function, while
   imprecisely named, does serve the intended purpose sufficiently.

   The next meeting will review the pending issues on the list to vote
   on closure.

meeting adjourned.

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