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Subject: Minutes 20 November 2008 TC Meeting

1. Roll Call
   Hal Lockhart (Chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
   Erik Rissanen
   Anthony Nadalin
   Duane DeCouteau
   Anil Saldhana

   John Tolbert

   Quorum met (60% per Kavi)

   Minutes from 6 November 2008 Meeting
   Approved unanimously.

   XPSA Profile Committee Draft uploaded

   TC website updated

   Oasis has implemented Jira for issues tracking. Bill has added
   the TC for consideration.

   Combining Algorithms
   Erik reviewed the current state of the Issue, including the concept
   of extending Indeterminate responses.  He also reviewed correcting
   "bias" in combining algorithms. Further discussion deferred since
   Rich was not present.

   SAML Profile
   ACTION: Hal will rework the wording on Erik's proposed solution for
   <PolicyIssuer> focusing upon how to derive the XACML Issuer from a

   Erik reviewed the proposed security concern posted to the list:

   The TC approved adopting this proposal.

   The following Issues have been approved by the TC for incorporation
   into the V3 spec:

    87 CORE ERRATA: resource:xpath needs to be added
    88 Proposed new string functions
    89 Descriptions in apply or expression
    90 Optimization of target
    91 CORE/ERRATA: Multiple comments from users
    92 New Feature - Reporting policies applicable to a decision

   Unicode normalization
   The I18N Core WG at W3C provided Erik with edits on the Unicode
   text. There is general consensus that the TC adopt the edited

   Non binary decisions
   John reviewed his requirements for decisions that require more
   information than a simple Permit|Deny. John will post a summary
   of the issue to the list. Erik offered that it might be interesting
   to explore machinery to allow dynamic Obligations.

meeting adjourned.

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