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Subject: Minutes 18 December 2008 TC Meeting

Bill Parducci wrote:
> 1. Roll Call
>   Hal Lockhart (Chair)
>   Bill Parducci (Co-chair, minutes)
>   Erik Rissanen
>   Anthony Nadalin
>   Rich Levinson
>   Duane DeCouteau
>   David Staggs
>   Anil Saldhana
>  Non-voting
>   John Tolbert
>   Sean Curran
>  Quorum met (88% per Kavi)
> 2. Administrivia
>   Minutes from 4 December 2008 Meeting
>   Approved unanimously.
>   Hal proposed that the TC meet every week after the first of the
>   year or extend the existing meetings to 2 hours. There is general
>   agreement that the TC move to weekly meetings through the delivery
>   of v3. The next meeting will be 8 January 2009.
>   Bill discussed the Oasis Jira/Subversion implementation. TC members
>   should have received notification of an account being created. Bill
>   offered to have the issues list moved over on 1/1.
>   Duane reviewed the XSPA Profile submission. The document was edited
>   for some formatting and administrative requirements and submitted.
> 3. Issues
>   Issue #66: Policy Combining
>   Rich reviewed the state of the Issue. Erik suggested that we limit
>   the normative combining algorithms. Tony voiced concern that
>   introducing a fixed number will limit the implementation flexibility.
>   Erik proposed to add the 4 new "extended" combining algorithms be
>   added to the specification and that the existing algorithms be
>   marked for future deprecation. There is general agreement to adding
>   the combining algorithms. The TC needs more time to discuss making
>   the new algorithms mandatory and if so, whether to mark the existing
>   combining algorithms as marked for future deprecation.
>   Obligations in Rules
>   There was a discussion on Obligations. There is general agreement to
>   allow Obligations at the Rule level and introduce a type of
>   Obligation (Advice?) that may be ignored. Bill raised the concern
>   that Obligations do not currently have a combining mechanism and
>   that it is likely that conflicts will arise at the PEP.
>   There is general agreement that Obligations be mandatory. Hal
>   suggested that the TC needs to review what is mandatory/optional in
>   the specification at a later date.
>   Missing Attributes
>   Erik reviewed the discussion on the list. Hal will post clarified
>   text.
> meeting adjourned.

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