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Subject: minutes 8 January 2009 TC meeting

1. Roll Call
    Hal Lockhart (Chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
    Erik Rissanen
    Duane DeCouteau
    David Staggs
    Seth Proctor

    Anil Tappetla
    Darran Rolls
    John Tolbert

   Voting Members: 7 of 9 (77%)

2. Administrivia
    Bill reviewed the Oasis Jira setup, will post url to list.
    Oasis' implementation of Subversion is still in beta. He will also
    set up versions "3.0" and "3.1" and two projects: "core" and
    "profiles" in Jira.

3. Issues
   Advice Obligation Type
    Hal reviewed the Advice proposal posted by Erik. The TC discussed
    the proposal for extending Advice to Not Applicable. Hal and Bill
    raised concerns about the processing model for determining how Not
    Applicable Advices are determined.

    The TC discussed the relationship between this Issue and the Must
    Be Present and the Missing Attribute mechanisms currently in place.
    Hal suggested consideration of linking these functionalities. Erik
    offered that this does not fully address the Not Applicable
    proposal. He will post a more detailed proposal.

   Subject Inconsistencies
    Rich reviewed the state of the Issue. He raised the concern the
    topic has become unclear and that further clarification is needed.
    He recommends:
     * limiting the subject functionality in multi-profile to be only
       one subject-category allowed to have multiple instances.
     * consider additional future protocol semantics as multi-profile
       pdp-pre-processor capabilities that do not impact policy model

meeting adjourned.

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