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Subject: Re: [xacml] Multiple Decison Request Proposal

Hi Hal,

>> I think the <Request> element should be called something else, and this
>> could have its own schema. Maybe "<MultiRequest>"?
> <Request> is the existing outer element of a Request context. My notion is that <DecisionsLists> is an optional element which appears prior to the first <Attributes> element.

Yes, but I thought that it would perhaps be better to not put this
boxcarring stuff into the core schema, but in it's own schema. I think
it would be neater if we have a "simple" core schema which defines the
processing model. Additional preprocessing and transport formats would
go into another schemas.

But I don't feel too strongly about it, and importing schema files can
be a bit of an annoyance to work with given the current state of XML


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