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Subject: Re: [xacml] Issue: Hierarchical profile appears ambiguous and inconsistent

A question I have is how many folks are really using this hierarchical 
profile in practice.

Daniel Engovatov wrote:
> On Jan 14, 2009, at 10:54 PM, Rich.Levinson wrote:
>>    * There needs to be a definition of "hierarchy". In particular, a
>>      "hierarchy" defn should state that the fundamental properties are
>>      that there must be a single root node with no parent, and that
>>      every other node in the hierarchy must have one and only one
>>      parent, and can have zero, one, or more children.
> I am not sure why do you think this is a requirement.   It is a normal 
> use case to inherit policy from more then one parent, and "ancestors" 
> attribute approach allows such models without undue restrictions.
>>    in order to submit a request  one has to somehow identify all the 
>> hierarchies the given node
>>      belongs to, all the hierarchies the node's parent(s) and 
>> ancestors to, and include an Attribute element for each.
> And why is that a problem?   Yes, if one wants "inheritance", graph 
> needs to be defined, and attributes is a natural way to define it.
>>  I suspect that at most one would need to collect all the normative 
>> representations of only the resource-id node (i.e. identify all the 
>> hierarchies it belongs to), then for each hierarchy, one would 
>> evaluate the policies that apply to that hierarchy.
> Policy evaluation does not need to know anything about hierarchies 
> that are represented with an "ancestor" attribute.
> Daniel;

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