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Subject: Groups - XACML v3.0 Hierarchical Resource Profile (xacml-3[1].0-hierarchical-v1-spec-wd-05-02.doc) uploaded

This proposed revision is a proposed update to address the issue described
as "Severe Error of omission in description of Hierarchical Profile
ancestor collection algorithms" raised in this email:
and this proposed update contains the proposed resolution as described in
that email.
This proposed revision is listed as WD-05, however, it is a direct update
to WD-03, and the changes highlighted reflect that. The earlier preliminary
proposed revision, WD-04 (email: 31-Jan-09), may be regarded as obsolete,
and because of the discussions that have occurred since that time on this
issue in the emails, it was considered more sensible to make the changes
directly from WD-03, rather than rework WD-04.
As has been discussed throughout the handling of this issue, there are no
functional changes contained in WD-05, it simply expresses functionality
that already exists in WD-03 (and provides 2 optional identifiers to
explicitly identify the functionality as an alternative to have the
functionality implicit thru the lack of other identifiers), but that is
only partially explained, which results in it effectively not being
explained at all. Because this functionality is of critical importance in
terms of deciding how to write policies for hierarchical resources, it is
considered essential to include the functionality in the Profile in a
manner that is readily apparent so that users of the spec are aware of its
existence and can make informed decisions whether to use it or not.

 -- Rich Levinson

The document revision named XACML v3.0 Hierarchical Resource Profile
(xacml-3[1].0-hierarchical-v1-spec-wd-05-02.doc) has been submitted by Rich
Levinson to the OASIS eXtensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) TC
document repository.  This document is revision #3 of

Document Description:
Profile for representing hierarchical resources in XACML.

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Download Document:  

This document is revision #3 of
xacml-3.0-hierarchical-v1-spec-wd-02-en.doc.  The document details page
referenced above will show the complete revision history.

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-OASIS Open Administration

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