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Subject: Minutes 12 March 2009 TC meeting

Time: 10:00 am EDT
Tel: 512-225-3050 Access Code: 65998

Proposed Agenda for 12-Mar-09 TC Meeting:

10:00 - 10:05 Roll Call & Approve Minutes

Voting Members

Bill Parducci 	Individual
Rich Levinson 	Oracle Corporation
Hal Lockhart 	Oracle Corporation
Seth Proctor 	Sun Microsystems
John Tolbert 	The Boeing Company
Duane DeCouteau 	Veterans Health Administration


Dilli Arumugam 	Sun Microsystems
Dilli Dorai  Sun Microsystems (* need to check membership)


John Moehrke  	GE Healthcare

   5 March 2009 TC Meeting

	minutes approved

10:05 - 10:10 Administrivia
   Version Control (submit conformance tests)

	Bill posted changes to list, conformance tests
	Static directories - not how versions designed

   Conformance Tests
    ... (+ 7 intermediate emails)

	subversion has some primitives, but may be more than we need
	things are "tagged"

   v3 Core, Multiple Resource Profile SAML Profile Updates
    (Sample Policy Assertion: policy identifiers action item)

	Erik posted message explaining 3 categories:
	  ("top level", "ReferencedPolicies", 
	   "Policies outside assertion")
	Hal: why do categories need to be kept separate

  Action: TC: Hal indicates all should be reviewing specs and
	asking questions if there are concerns about any aspect.

10:10 - 11:00 Issues
   Hierarchical Resource Profile Proposal
    Hier: Hal's summary:
     ... (+ 12 intermediate emails)

    Hier: New core and multiple resource profile and hierarchical
     ... (+ 8 intermediate emails)

    Hier: Hierarchical Profile and the URI
     ... (+ 7 intermediate emails)

	Hal: there appears to be general agreement that the issue is
	 whether or not to include ancestors that are "transitive".

	   (where from prev mtg discussion: "transitive is mathematical 
	   term meaning any ancestor of my ancestor is also my ancestor, 
	   even if the ancestor belongs to hierarchies that I do not 
	   belong to. Presumably the transitive property applies to 
	   those ancestors in that all inclusive set that are not 
	   ancestors through any hierarchy I belong to, but only 
	   through hierarchis that my ancestors belong to that I do not.
	Hal: recalls original assumptions that one or more hierarchies 
	 singly multiply rooted.

	Bill: agrees

	Hal: some consensus that transitive ancestors are not needed.

	Hal: if we include only hierarchies, that resource is a 
	  member of, that should solve any problems.

	Rich: agrees, but expects based on emails that this is exactly
	  the point of disagreement that has caused all the discussion.

	Hal: we need input from other interested parties on this issue.

	Meeting adjourned 10:40

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