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Subject: Volunteers for editorial cleanup


I know that some of the newer members here have been reluctant to wade into some of our technical debates because you figured that you are still coming up to speed on the more esoteric features (and long history) of XACML.

However, I am hoping that at least some of you are eager to contribute to XACML, beyond merely helping us make quorum each week. Well we now have some work that needs to be done which can be done by anyone who is careful and willing to put in a little time over the next couple of weeks. The best part is that if you do it you will gain greater familiarity with the XACML document set as a side effect.

I believe the functionality of the core and base set of profiles is now complete. What is needed now, other than correcting any reported errors is a lot of careful editorial cleanup. Here is a starter list of what I have in mind:

Document footers
Title page material
Check references and see if they have been superseded and if links are correct
Check references to other sections, tables, figures within document
Check overall document format against Mary's checklist: 
Check schema against specs
Make sure examples are present - write them if necessary (a little technical, but a good test to have them done by a different person)
Check 2119 keywords
Check conformance section
Correct spelling errors
Inconsistent identifiers, e.g. xacml:v2.0: vs. xacml:v3.0:

I will call for volunteers tomorrow. If a number of people can take one or two documents each, this should go pretty quickly.


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