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Subject: [xacml] MInutes 6 April 2008 TC Meeting - UPDATED

1. Roll Call

    Hal Lockhart (Chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
    Erik Rissanen
    Anthony Nadalin
    Bill Parducci
    Rich Levinson
    Hal Lockhart
    Dilli Arumugam
    Seth Proctor
    John Tolbert
    Anil Saldhana

   Voting Members: 8 of 10 (80% per kavi)

    Duane DeCouteau
    Darran Rolls
    Anil Tappetla

2. Administrivia

    Vote to approve Minutes from 26 March 2009 TC Meeting
    APPROVED unanimously

+  Corrections made to two conformance tests by Erik. The
+  tests used the 1.0 namespace, but should be in the
+  2.0 namespace.

    Editorial work remains to merge the HR Profile as well as with the
    Admin/Delegation Profile. This should be completed very soon and
    posted to the list.

+  Hal and Erik will work out new schema for the new WS-Trust
+  functionality in the SAML Profile so Erik can post a new zip-
+  package of all of the profiles in good time for review before
+  the TC meeting next week

   XACML v3.0 Specification Status
    The following specifications are targeted for Committee Draft status
    at the next meeting as well as to be marked for Public Review. This
    meeting will be held in one week (April 16) at the same time and

    * Core Specfication
    * Hierarchical Resource Profile
    * SAML Profile
    * Administration and Delegation Profile
    * Digital Signature Profile
    * Multiple Resource Profile
    * Privacy Policy Profile
    * Core and hierarchical role based access control (RBAC) Profile

3. Issues

    John Tolbert briefly reviewed an Export Control Profile (focused on
    US Department of Commerce regulations) that will be posted to the
    list for discussion. Hal suggested that John review the Oasis IPR
    policies on the site.

    Rich noted that p code has been added to the HR Profile, which is
    intended to be non-normative for this release. Feedback is

meeting adjourned.

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