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Subject: Slides on Design Options for GeoXACML

As I mentioned on the last call, I attended some of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) sessions last week in Cambridge, MA.

Jan Herrmann (who is the new chair of the GeoXACML SWG) presented the attached slides. They discuss various design alternatives in using XACML to meet the requirements of the OGC.

Some background to understand the slides. OWS is OGC Web Services. For the purposes of this slide deck OWS format data means XML referenced by means of XACML Selectors. KVP stands for key value pairs, by which he means XACML Attributes (with scalar values) referenced by XACML Designators. 

Jan has offered to attend a future XACML call and present and/or discuss these issues. These considerations led Jan to make a number of suggestions relating to the Hierarchical Profile. He provided these comments to Erik and me last March by pribvate email. At the time the TC was in the midst of the Great Hierarchical Profile Debate, so extensive comments from a non-TC member kind of got dropped.

However, I believe the comments apply only to the XML alternative in the Hierachical Profile (which has not been substantially changed from 2.0). Therefore I have suggested Jan update his comments to match the 3.0 profile currently under review and post them to the public comment list. The attached slides should help the TC to understand the context of the comments.



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