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Subject: Minutes 27 August 2009 TC Meeting

Time: 10:00 am EDT

1. Roll Call
    Hal Lockhart (Chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
    Erik Rissanen
    Paul Tyson
    Rich Levinson
    Seth Proctor
    John Tolbert
    Duane DeCouteau
    David Staggs

  Voting Members 9 of 10

    Gareth Richards
    Vernon Murdoch

2. Administrivia
    Meeting started late due to issues with the new phone number.

    Vote to approve Minutes from 13 August 2009 TC Meeting
    APPROVED unanimously

    XSPA Attestations
    VA, Jericho Systems, Sun and Redhat have notified the TC that
    they are successfully using XSPA.

    Duane moved that the TC certify that the XML fragments within the
    XSPA are well formed and correct and that the document doesn't
    contain and substantial changes. Bill seconded.
    VOTE: passed unanimously

    Duane will update the name of the XSPA document to include
    "Committee Specification" and present to the Chairs at which point
    the Chairs will request the Admin to call a Vote to approve.

    ODF Document Controls Profile uploaded
    John noted that this version incorporates changes made per Erik's
    suggestions re: proper formatting.

3. Issues
    Attribute Manifest File
    Hal reviewed AMF, describing its mechanism for communicating
    metadata about information via attributes (which may be used in
    making access control policy decisions).

    Paul suggested that RDF be considered for making the solution more
    flexible and as an efficient tie into an Enterprise Ontology

    Seth asked what the primary Use Cases are. Hal offered that it
    primarily tries to address how to handle missing attributes.

    Paul offered that this type of information needs to be persisted
    somehow and that this represents an attempt to do so in a standard

    Hal asked if Paul could provide non-proprietary examples that may
    be used for consideration in exploring RDF.

    Paul will submit appropriate examples on the wiki as available.

    Hal noted that the format of the currently posted document will
    be modified to conform more closely to the Oasis standard.

4. Outstanding Issues


    Core Conformance

    XACML Future Work

    Comments on XACML v3 (Aggregated by Erik)

meeting adjourned.

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