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Subject: Minutes 10 September 2009 TC Meeting

Time: 10:00 am EDT
Tel: 513-241-0892 Access Code: 65998

Proposed for 10 Sep 2009 XACML TC Meeting:

10:00 - 10:05 Roll Call

 Voting Members

  Erik Rissanen  	Axiomatics AB
  Paul Tyson 		Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
  Bill Parducci* 	Individual
  Rich Levinson 	Oracle Corporation
  Hal Lockhart 		Oracle Corporation
  Vernon Murdoch 	IBM
  Anil Saldhana 	Red Hat
  Seth Proctor 		Sun Microsystems
  John Tolbert 		The Boeing Company
  Duane DeCouteau 	Veterans Health Administration
  David Staggs 		Veterans Health Administration


  Gareth Richards 	EMC Corporation
  Dilli Arumugam 	Sun Microsystems

 Note: Gareth attains voting status as of the end of today's meeting.

 Hal: revisit time of call?: has been ok - just mention in case
   there is interest in chg: none raised.

10:05 - 10:06 Approve minutes:
  27 August 2009 TC Meeting
  Note: requested update to minutes:
  Bill updated the minutes:
  updated minutes approved

10:06 - 10:10 Administrivia

   XACML TC web page updated w recent docs and implementation announcements
    (XSPA, EC-US, ODF, IPC, OpenAz, XEngine, Test/Verify Policies)

    Rich: described the new links on the tc web page above:
	4 documents, 3 implmentations

   Export Control Profile upload and Status

     John: examples in, satisfied w text:
     Hal: ready for committee draft
     Hal: it takes a vote to make a draft a cd. If there is an update,
       there needs to be another vote. Properly: doc should be labeled
       as working draft. 2nd update is only the headers after the
       vote occurs. No substantive or even editorial changes are allowed
       after doc voted - only the headers

     John: moves to make EC-US CD
     Dave: seconds
     Hal: hears no objection: now official CD

     John: moves to make IPC CD
     Rich: seconds
     Hal: hears no objection: now official CD

     John: ODF draft was not put in folder - link is to Open Document
     for Office Applications OASIS TC repository:

     John: moves to put IPC and EC-US to 60d Public Review
     Rich: seconds
     Hal: hears no objection: will start process w Mary for PR

   XSPA Ballot for Submission as Oasis Standard Vote

     Hal: ballot for XSPA carried
     Duane: did commit CS, but not pdf
     Hal: date on doc should be date of meeting where vote was taken
     Duane: will make header updates

   NCSU projects (North Carolina State University)

     Hal: set of coverage tests for set of policies

   ODF Document Controls Profile uploaded
   Note: for this doc is in odf for office appl oasis tc

 10:10 - 11:00 Issues

   Hal: we have accumulated issues;
   Erik,Hal: propose to knock off the "easy" ones today to get started:

  Aggregated list: Comments on XACML v3 (Aggregated by Erik)

   Erik: there is attached spreadsheet
   Ref'ing numbers in col A (slightly confusing as 1 off from row #)
      1. change: typo
      2. change: fix
      7. change: fix
      8. change: fix
     13. no change
     14. no change
     21. no change
     22. no change
     34: change: fix typo in namespace
     35: change: fix typo in namespace
     37->43: change: fix typo in namespace
     44: change correct URI

   Hal: open word file in open office for line number match
    in spreadsheet vs doc (significantly off from pdf/word-doc)

   Hal: there are major suggestions about breaking up hier profile
    from the geo-xacml comments, docs
   Erik: wants to "correct" current hierarchical profile, but no
    major changes in rel 3.0;
   Hal: Rich has comments on selectors vs designators.
   Rich: believes "breakup" proposal based on false premise that 
    designators inherently less info content than selectors.
    (Asserts that xml doc can be transformed to designator fmt
     using xpath as URI (not pretty, but should work). In any
     event, xml is not normative format, and JSON is alternative
     non-xml name/value pair that effectively is way to preserve
     same info: point being: selector is "convenient", however, it
     does not inherently have more info content than equivalently
     prepared AttributeId URI for designator. Point being: this is
     not legitimate basis for proposing major doc structure chgs
     in and of itself. This point and additional points need to
     be reviewed as well.)
   Hal: will consider proposal for how to handle all these issues
    in following mtgs
   Erik: considers us in feature freeze for current doc set
        can migrate new features, structure chgs to another "page"
   Hal: let's everyone look at comments, anything you care about, be ready
         to address.

 Remaining issues postponed to next meeting:

 Meeting adjourned 11:02 PM ET

  Comments on XACML v3 (new)

  RDF exploration

 Issues carried over from August 27 meeting:

 Issues carried over from August 13 meeting:
  Core Conformance

  XACML Future Work

 Issues from comment list:
  Aggregated list: Comments on XACML v3 (Aggregated by Erik)

  Comments on the XACML 3.0 commitee draft 1 (16 April 2009) during the public review period

  Comments on the Hierarchical and Multiple Resource Profile of XACML 3.0

 Issues carried over from July 16 meeting:
  relax-ng grammar for xacml

  XSPA Profile of XACML v2.0 for Healthcare / Action Item from 2-Jul-09
   (has updated attached spreadsheet)

  x.500 (new concerns on same issue from prev mtgs)

  Comments on: Open Document Format Office Appl Controls Profile

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