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Subject: CD-1 issue #5: reverse order in <Match>

The issue number refers to the XLS-sheet found in this email:

The commenter proposes that it should be possible to switch the order 
between the <AttributeDesignator> and the <AttributeValue> in a <Match>.

The value of this is unclear to me since a match function would be done 
either with an equality predicate, for which the order does not matter, 
or with some pattern matching function, in which case the pattern 
matching function would have been designed so that the order between the 
pattern and the value to be matched fit the required order in a <Match>. 
I cannot think of any case where this would not work, but maybe there is 
some case? In the worst case, it would be possible to define two 
variants of a matching function if there would be a problem.

But on the other hand, I don't think this would be a major change. 
Perhaps it would affect how some implementation might do indexing?

I propose that we do not change anything.

Best regards,

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