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Subject: CD-1 issue #12: normative statement which allows anything

The issue number refers to the XLS-sheet found in this email:

The commenter points to the following text in the hierarchical profile:

"The following sections describe RECOMMENDED representations for nodes 
in hierarchical resources. Alternative representations of nodes in a 
given resource are permitted so long as all Policy Administration Points 
and all Policy Enforcement Points that deal with that resource have 
contracted to use the alternative representation."

He thinks this statement makes conformance statements to this profile 
meaningless since in effect this normative statement allows the 
implementation to do anything.

I agree and I think we should remove this statement. The intent of it 
has been to say that an implementation can do something else than to 
follow the hierarchical profile. But that is already clear since 
conformance to the hierarchical profile as a whole is optional for any 

Best regards,

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