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Subject: Minutes 15 October 2009 TC Meeting

Time: 10:00 am EDT

I. Roll Call
    Hal Lockhart (Chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
    Erik Rissanen
    Paul Tyson
    Gareth Richards
    Vernon Murdoch
    Rich Levinson
    Seth Proctor
    John Tolbert
    David Staggs

  Voting Members
   10 of 12 (83% per Kavi)

   Jan Herrmann

II. Administrivia
   Vote to approve Minutes from 7 October 2009 TC Meeting
    APPROVED unanimously

   Face to Face
    There is general interest setting up a F2F in the near future. Hal
    has proposed 11/30 or 12/7 as tentative dates.

    Oracle can host in Burlington, MA or Redwood City, CA

    John offered that Boeing can host in Seattle, WA

    Others are welcome to offer locations; whiteboards + good quality
    dial-in/conferencing is a key requirement. Those interested in
    hosting can send an email to the chairs.

    Hal will post a ballot to gauge interest/timing.

III. Issues
   Updated Comments/Issues list:

   #51 Note about xpath expert review in core spec
    Proposal: remove comment.
    CLOSED. APPROVED as proposed.

   #52 Inconsistent identifier names
    Proposal: synchronize naming convention as posted.
    CLOSED. APPROVED as proposed.

   #53 Undefined behavior for out of bounds substring functions
    Proposed: Generate Indeterminate result as proposed.
    CLOSED. APPROVED as proposed.

   #54 Issue instant attribute
    Hal introduced additional considerations for discussion.
    DEFERRED pending written concerns to be posted by Hal.

   #55 Bad order of new function arguments
    CLOSED. APPROVED as proposed.

   #56 Update reference to the XML spec
    CLOSED. APPROVED as proposed.

   #23 Updated Multiple Profile Wording
    DEFERRED. The TC will review the references and determine
    terminology appropriate to multiple resources resolution.

   #22 MR naming
    CLOSED. APPROVED as follows:
    * change name of identifier to repeated-attributes-categories
      (as proposed by P. Tyson)
    * leave reference identifiers inline and section at the end of spec
    * Erik will add text around identifiers to explicitly define this
      information as meta data
    * Erik to add text on how to combine this data

   New Issue: RFC 2396 -> RFC 3986
    CLOSED. APPROVED as proposed.

   Follow-up to decisions made by TC on Issues #13, #14 and #21
    Issues #13 and #14 are OPEN pending wordsmithing.
    #21 PENDING Jan to propose clarifying text.

   #11 HR Profile Proposal
    The TC discussed some of the core aspects of this issue.

meeting adjourned.

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