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Subject: Minutes 29 October 2009 TC Meeting

Time: 10:00 am EDT

I. Roll Call
    Hal Lockhart (Chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
    Erik Rissanen
    Paul Tyson
    Vernon Murdoch
    Jan Herrmann
    Rich Levinson
    Hal Lockhart
    Dilli Arumugam
    Seth Proctor
    John Tolbert
    David Staggs

  Voting Members
   9 of 12 (75% per Kavi)

  Non-voting Members
  Prateek Mishra

II. Administrivia
   Vote to approve Minutes from 22 October 2009 TC Meeting
    APPROVED unanimously

   PUBLIC REVIEW of Export Compliance-US (EC-US) Profile has begun

   PUBLIC REVIEW of Intellectual Property Control (IPC) Profile has  

   The XSPA Profile is currently in the ballot phase.

   Face to Face
    The date is set for December 8, 9, 10. Hal is working to reserve
    space on the Oracle campus in Redwood City, CA. Hal will post
    follow-up information regarding nearby hotels, etc.

III. Issues
   Updated Comments/Issues list:

    There is general consensus that this comment in not aligned with
    the basic XACML TC philosophy of not specifying a specific
    CLOSED. No action.

   #12, #15, #18, #27
    Hal proposed a clarification to the manner by which conformance,  
    are specified within Profiles in order to make them more readable
    and consistent.  Fundamentally, it would involve the development of
    1 to 4 alternate schemes with conformance clauses that must be
    addressed. The intent is to remove ambiguous references to non-
    normative and/or boundary cases. There is general consensus is that
    this concept makes sense.
    CLOSE #12, #15, #18, #27.
    CREATE NEW Issue: #60 To address proposed structural format changes.

   Reclassification of Issues (correction to minutes 15-Oct)
    Issues #13, #14 and #21 should be CLOSED as they are duplicates
    of Issue #22, which is OPEN pending implementation in the next

   #58 XpathCategory
    This issue has 2 components
    Erik researched this and it was marked to be deleted in the v2 spec
    and was not. The general consensus is that this be removed in v3.

    This component remains OPEN pending further discussion on the issue
    Paul raised.

   #11 Multi/Hierarchical Profiles
    The Multiple Resource Profile will be renamed the Multiple
    Decision Profile.

meeting adjourned.


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