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Subject: Minutes 5 November 2009 TC Meeting

Time: 10:00 am EDT

I. Roll Call
  Hal Lockhart (Chair)
  Erik Rissanen (minutes)
  Paul Tyson
  Gareth Richards
  Jan Herrmann
  Bill Parducci
  Rich Levinson
  Seth Proctor
  John Tolbert
  David Staggs

 Voting Members: 10 of 13 (76% per kavi)

II. Administrivia
 Vote to approve Minutes from 29 October 2009 TC Meeting
  APPROVED unanimously

 The XSPA Profile was APPROVED an Oasis Specification

 Face to Face
  The date is set for December 8, 9, 10. Hal is working to reserve
  space on the Oracle campus in Redwood City, CA. Hal will post
  follow-up information regarding nearby hotels, etc.

III. Issues

See the issues list as attached to the following email:


#5 CLOSED with no action. The TC was concerned that relaxing this 
restriction could break implementations which optimize matching of the 
target. Jan will post proposed text with some implementation notes from 
his experience. That text could possibly go into section 8 of the core 
spec or in a separate implementation guidelines document.

#58 The ...:resource:xpath identifier will be removed from the XACML 3.0 
spec. No change will be made to the XPathCategory or Category XML 

#23 Defer this issue to after the TC has done a thorough review of the 
overall structure of the Multiple profile. Remains OPEN.

#26 This issue was discussed. There was a proposal to generalize 
"EntireHierarchy" so that the PEP can specify any combining algorithm 
for aggregating the results. The issue remains OPEN.

meeting adjourned.

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