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Subject: Minutes 12 November 2009 TC Meeting

Time: 10:00 am EDT

I. Roll Call
    Hal Lockhart (Chair)
    Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
    Erik Rissanen
    Paul Tyson
    Gareth Richards
    Jan Herrmann
    Rich Levinson
    Hal Lockhart
    Dilli Arumugam
    Seth Proctor
    John Tolbert
    David Staggs
    Anil Saldhana

  Voting Members
   11 of 13 (84% per Kavi)

  Non-voting Members
   Prateek Mishra
   Sridhar Muppidi

II. Administrivia
   Vote to approve Minutes from 5 November 2009 TC Meeting
    APPROVED unanimously

   ID Trust Update
    Oasis published an updated on the IDTrust Member Section

   Oasis TAB Feedback
    Abbie Barbir of the Oasis TAB posted comments on the EC Profile

   XSPA Profile Approved - PR notification
     Oasis will be publicly announcing the XSPA Profile's ratification
     as a standard.

   F2F Communication
     The Chairs will post notifications to the Comments and Developer
     list to encourage those interested in observing the F2F meeting/
     XACML, as well as reach out to Dee Schur about including in the
     Oasis newsletter. Observers will be asked to notify the Chairs of
     their intent to attend (logistics).

   Hal will not be on the next call.

III. Issues
   Issue list reference

   There is general agreement amongst the TC that each open issue that
   will be addressed for inclusion in v3 must have a written proposal
   submitted to the list no later than 12/3/09.

  #4 - Jan will propose text that will address the generality issue.

  #19 - Jan will make a proposal

  #23 - Jan will make a proposal

  #11   - Erik described his analysis of running XPath in "reverse".

meeting adjourned. 

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