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Subject: F2F agenda, timing

I think it might be a good idea to start soliciting agenda topics and  
a bit of structure on the F2F meeting. We will obviously be focusing  
on the Issues list at large but it is a good idea I think for us to  
chunk up the discussion topics so that we can make sure to cover as  
many outstanding topics as possible. To that end I would like to  
propose that we break the days in half and then dissect from there as  

Tuesday 8-12

Tuesday 1-5

Wednesday 8-12

Wednesday 1-5

Thursday 8-12

Thursday 1-5

We need to decide if we will try to use each block or if there will be  
consideration for travel at one end or the other. I think we need to  
set some time toward the end for a "next steps/v3 timeline discussion"  
and would like to start things on the lighter side Tuesday (not  
hopping into "#11" until Tuesday afternoon ;)

Input welcome and encouraged.



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