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Subject: XACML AzApi as part of F2F agenda

I would like to request discussion of the XACML AzApi during the F2F, as 
we continue to work to advance this towards standard status.

The API submission we made this past summer, has a number of features 
would benefit from the TCs review -

1) Use of generics and a highly factored design to allow for new 
categories and types of attributes. Is this adequate
to model the new materials in XACML 3.0 and other XACML use-cases?

2) A concept called "what is allowed" - which supports a limited but 
extremely valuable form of scoped query against
access rules. One question is how this can be modeled or implemented in 
the XACML 2.0/3.0 context

3) Based on experience with the open source and our internal review of 
the API, we are planning to submit some additional
interfaces to the XACML TC within the next couple of weeks. The main 
purpose of these interfaces is to allow Java developers with little 
knowledge of XACML
to utilize the API. We would like to be able to describe these 
interfaces in some detail to the TC, together with
the rationale for their introduction.

I would request the Chairs to allocate an hour and half for these 
discussions, which would be led by Rich Levinson (he is out today - but 
I thought
it important to get this message out to the chairs and TC).


- prateek

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