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Subject: Re: Update to hierarchical proposal w minor fixes

Hi Erik,

As mentioned in off-list question (below), attached is "final" update to hierarchical profile which fixes some remaining typos, subject to results of discussion at tomorrow's tc meeting on doc status.


Hi Erik,

First, I want you to know that I am aware and appreciate the tremendous effort you have made to make XACML 3.0 a success.

So, knowing that, I am reluctant to trouble you w relative trivialities, but I went over the changes I made to the hier spec and found a few cosmetic typos that I have included in the attached version. One typo was potentially significant, which was I accidentally removed the 2nd trailing "]" on line 258, which could raise ambiguity as to the whether a <doc-node-xsegment> was required to precede the other node-xsegments, which it is.

What I did was accept all changes on the draft you sent out yesterday, and did the ctrl-A,F9 to update the TOC and then fixed the above plus some other relatively minor, but potentially confusing, typos in section 2.2.1.

If you would prefer, I could do the same changes w/o doing the accept all changes first if it makes it easier, however, I thought if you could see exactly what I did on this minor update, it would be easier to accept and process.

Apology for any inconvenience.


Erik Rissanen wrote:
4B2619DA.6010909@axiomatics.com" type="cite"> Hi Rich,

Thanks. I see that you did not used the final public review version which had some editorial fixes by Mary. I will copy over your changes to the latest version.

Best regards,

On 2009-12-14 08:52, Rich.Levinson wrote:
4B25EED9.8000008@oracle.com" type="cite">Hi Erik,

Attached is update to hierarchical proposal profile that we agreed on at F2F, with a couple of minor changes that hopefully can help with the editing of the final versions:
  • replaces rfc2396 w rfc3986
  • fixes a typo where namespace-uri was accidentally entered as uri-namespace
  • adds some clarifying text to the notes at end of section 2.1.1, explaining further what can generally be ignored by regexp processing
Note: the changes, when turned on, are wrt to the original release with the public review.



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