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Subject: Minutes for 11 February 2010 TC Meeting

Time: 1:00 pm EDT
Tel: 513-241-0892 Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 11 February 2010 TC Meeting:

10:00 - 10:05 Roll Call & Approve Minutes:


 we have quorum

Approve Minutes:
 28 January 2010 TC Meeting

    hal: approved no objection


  Seth's farewell note:

    Seth will be missed, he made significant contributions

  OASIS Privacy Webinar: Feb 23:

    Hal: notice was posted to list; sponsored by IdTrust member

  V3 Next steps

    Hal posted email:

 Core and legacy profiles - awaiting TC Admin to start Public Review

  Hierarchical request
  Multiple resource
  Digital Signature

XSPA (healthcare) - OASIS Standard

Export Compliance - Completed initial public review

  John: moves to make CD
  Paul: seconds
  Hal: no objections
       Approved by unanimous consent

  Hal: date should be today (date of vote)
  Rich: mechanics of the oasis doc update are not obvious
	(at least to Rich) - ex. what are the doc names
	and how does that correlate to file names, rev #s

  Hal: no objections to amending the motion to associate
	with doc a designated cross ref as defined in
	oasis process - relate to 3.0 core doc.

  John: moves to initiate the 15 day public review
  Rich: seconds
  Hal: no objections to unanimous consent: approved

  Hal: scope of public review is limited to the changes
	that were applied.

  Hal: need to produce doc in 3 formats
	try to create html file that has oasis logo in it,
	but that is fcn of version of word. If logo is
	separate then need to submit a zip file

Intellectual Property - Completed initial public review

  John: status of ipr profile: in progress, has been thru
	pub rev; will be ready in couple of weeks. The 2 docs
	can go separately


  Hal: are people willing to work on these

    need to see if recent changes have had any impact on existing

    Erik: use current combining-algorithms, ids, etc.
    Hal: bias of pdp,pep etc.

  Policy Distribution (Provisioning) - 
    Hal: plan to edit this; draft soon

  Obligation Families
    Hal: there is significant interest; draft seems to meet
	people's reqts
    Bill: would like to take up w Erik where left off
    Bill: there are some reqts on wiki

  AZ-API              - 
    Hal: plan to edit this

  Attribute Manifest  - 
    Hal: plan to edit this; possibly separate doc
	or combined in ws-xacml

  Errata - Looking for volunteer
    we have marked up version of 2.0 w errata applied,
	but that is probably only starting point

  Does anyone know of anything else?

    Hal: there were a couple things at F2F, should be recapped

    Paul: what was takeaway from w3c workshop? rules area?
	ontology area?

    Hal: workshop was not piciing up on the rules or ontology,
	but were looking for policies for PII (Personal info)
	need "sticky policies"; when accept data, also accept
	policies assoc w that data.

	ex. doc that is not at fixed location; 
	ex. if I get data from you, I have to apply your policies
	 as well as my own, does xacml do it?

	ex. obligations semantics - aligned w existing obl proposal

	ex. couple groups interested in multiple pdps - is there
	 chaining etc.? details are in report and papers that
	 were submitted.

	tried to talk about semantic web, ontologies, feeling was
	 that work of specific vocabularies is domain specific
	 no considerations were given to rdf

	Paul: enterprises not jumping into ontologies, but will
	 be developing vocabularies in any event.

	 point is: why should everyone re-invent things that have
	 already been laid out in considerable detail

	Hal: maybe best practice or guidelines
	Paul: initial wiki page w talking points, observations.
	 as companies develop std ways for bus rules; some level
	 of interoperablility would be useful, possibly translating
	 xacml rules to a std rule format.

   Status of docs:
    Erik submission:
    Erik's changelog for review:

  John submitted update for Export Control spec:

  Robin/Hal W3C report on access ctl appl scenarios:

  Determine what issues, if any, remain open for V3.

  From prev mtgs:
   Any more discussion on conformance?
    Robin Cover's W3C reference:

    Hal: there was conformance workshop at oasis: jaques durant is
	person to contact on that.

    Hal: discussed as relevance to current set of docs;
	as relates to legacy profile and leave things as they
	stand in those docs.

	Next call: march 1,

	meeting adjourned 1:44PM ET.

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