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Subject: Export Control Profile Comments

There are a few problems with the Export Control Profile.

1. I checked and we never voted this version to CD. You need to create a working draft. It can be just the .doc version. 

2. The date should be a day as well as month and year. For a wd the date is what ever date you finished editing it. For CD and CS, it MUST be the date of the vote to that status.

3. The working draft version number should be 1+the last working draft version. In other words, wd, cd and cs each maintain their own independant version number sequences.

4. If there are no defined namespaces, you should change [list namespaces here] to "None".

5. The only uses of the normative reference to XACML 3.0 core that I can find are in the introduction which is clearly marked non-normative. Therefore it appears that the reference is non-normative. 

6. Isn't it the intention that this Profile work with any version of XACML? I think therefore you should list XACML 1.0, 1.0 and 2.0 as well.

I suggest you create a new working draft as soon as you can and post it. Then after popele have looked at it we can vote it to CD and PR on March 11.

Assuming you adopt this procedure, do you want the Export Control Profile to go out for public Review right away?


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