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Subject: Changes required to submitted document - XACML TC - Request for Second Public Review



As I check this spec for QC, I've noted the following changes that need to be made:
  1. The specification title, 'profile' should be initial cap.

  2. The stage should be initial cap.

  3. The HTML as created out of Word cannot be uploaded by itself; any images or other external resources will be lost. When saving as HTML Word creates both an html file and a folder that contains these resources. The resulting set must be uploaded as a zip into Kavi in order to be complete. 

  4. This Version link has changed directories from the original CD01 upload. The directory location must remain the same. In addition, pdf and html files must be listed. Please designate one file as 'Authoritative'.

  5. Previous version: the link is not in the proper location of the CD01 files. In addition, pdf and html files must be listed.
  6. The Latest Version URIs are incorrect and do not correspond to the CD01 files. 

  7. Related work: this should be hypertext linked to the actual specification referenced.

  8. Status links, which were correct in CD01, are once again broken. 

  9. Notices, last paragraph, please remove bracketed section, which reads ' [insert specific trademarked names and abbreviations here] & need to link OASIS to its homepage]'.

  10. OASIS references, which were correct in CD01, are improperly formatted. 

  11. Please either remove extraneous links to XACMLIntro or provide full citation information for each.
I'm happy to answer any questions you might have about these changes.


Kim Goolsby
Publications Specialist
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
email: kim.goolsby@oasis-open.org
web: www.oasis-open.org
phone: 1.734.223.6890

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