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Subject: One more item to consider


Here is one more question for the TC to consider for 3.0.

A response can contain attributes which were part of the request. These 
attributes could contain xpath expressions, so we should perhaps need 
something like a <ResponseDefaults> to indicate which version of XPath 
they are.

I don't think it is strictly necessary since the response could be 
correlated with the request which was used to generate the response, but 
in cases where the response might be distributed on its own, like a 
token for instance, it might be useful. But in any case, there would not 
be anything to match an xpath with in the first place since a response 
cannot contain a <Content> element (there is no mechanism to request 
echo of the <Content> element). So a token would have to contain the 
request and response together anyway.

So, in sum, I think we should not change the spec, but I thought I 
should post this anyway so everybody can make an informed discussion, 
and also as information to be kept in the archives.

Best regards,

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