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Subject: Re: [xacml] resource-id attribute: mandatory or optional?


This is the conformance section. It means that the PDP must treat the resource-id attribute as specified. It does not say that the resource-id must be part of every request.

(BTW, I cannot think of anything special the PDP has to do with the resource-id in the core spec anyway. The multiple and hierarchical profiles though contain lots of requirements for the PDP/context handler.)

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On 07/12/2010 04:51 PM, Jan Herrmann wrote:
4AD9EF9EFF554CCC9E01D782CCF77791@lapschlichter55" type="cite">

Dear all,

section 10.2.6 in the xacml 3.0 core spec defines the resource-id attribute as mandatory. From my point of view it would be more convenient to define it as optional as the content-selector attribute is doing the same thing. Defining resource-id as mandatory forces decision requests to contain this attribute even if never used.

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