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Subject: Minutes for 15 July 2010 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call
 Voting Members
  Hal Lockhart (Chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
  Erik Rissanen
  Paul Tyson
  Gareth Richards
  Naomaru Itoi
  Rich Levinson
  John "Mike" Davis
  David Staggs
  Roy D'Souza

  Jan Herrmann

Quorum met: (75% per Kavi) 

II. Administrivia
 Vote to approve Minutes from 1 July 2010 TC Meeting
  APPROVED unanimously  

 ID Trust
  The TC discussed possible commonality with Oasis ID Trust and XACML.

 XACML v3 Status
  Hal reviewed the status of the submission process. Erik posted
  updates in reference to the comments by Oasis. There is some 
  outstanding feedback on the Profiles John Tolbert has written. 
  Hal will follow up with Oasis to ensure that the TC is current with
  the requests.

III. Issues
 resource-id attribute
  The TC reviewed the brief discussion on the list re: the mandatory
  aspects resource-id attribute.

meeting adjourned

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