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Subject: Meeting minutes for 12 August 2010 TC Meeting

Time: 13:00 EDT
Tel: 513-241-0892 Access Code: 65998

Proposed Agenda for 12 August 2010 TC Meeting:

13:00 - 13:05 
Roll Call & Approve Minutes:
Roll Call:

Erik Rissanen
Paul Tyson
Gareth Richards
Bill Parducci
Anthony Nadalin
Dilli Arumugam
Rich Levinson
Hal Lockhart
John Tolbert

Voting Members: 8 of 12 (66%) (used for quorum calculation) 

  Note: phone number was missing from posted agenda.

Approve Minutes:
 29 July 2010 TC Meeting: 


 OASIS IDtrust Member Section Steering Committee Elections Now Open:



XACML v3 Status:
 Ballot results:
  7 specs were approved by 11-0 of 12 eligible votes being yes
  xacml/saml approved by 10-0 of 12 eligible votes being yes
 Next steps:
  All 8 specs are CS, presumably next step is advance to OASIS Standard.

	hal: 8 docs are now at CS;
	 key thing to go to OASIS std is that we need 3 members to
	 confirm they are using specs in conformance w the clauses
	 in each spec.
	 - the core and profiles can proceed independently in general,
	    assuming no dependencies.

	Hal: will mention to Mary that we are assuming that TC-Admin
	 will move the specs officially to CS and that we do not
	 need to do any more edits. We will find out status and
	 notify the mail list.

	Hal: no actions required to OASIS standard, we will go to
	 OASIS Standard; then after the 3 attestations are received
	 the TC has to vote to do the submission.

 Export and IPC specs:
  TC-admin issues raised:
  TC-admin issues responded to:
   TC-admin 186: (Export Control - U.S. (EC-US) 
	(xacml-3.0-ec-us-v1-spec-cd-03-en.doc) uploaded)
   TC-admin 187: (Intellectual Property Control profile - doc 
	(xacml-3.0-ipc-v1-spec-cd-02-en.doc) uploaded)

	Ballot is out, please vote.

New Issues:
 xacml-users: problem w 2.0 hierarchical profile
 User is asking why:
  "'3.1 Nodes in an XML document' requiring that not only 
   should one include a resource-id of type xpath-expression for the node 
   that is the resource for the access decision but also its parent and 
   all ancestors. Why is this required by the spec? Why is it necessary."

  This should already be addressed in 3.0 hier profile; 
   should we consider updating the 2.0 hier profile w errata?

	Probably not errata;

	Will review further and revisit; possibly a statement of
	 guidance, whereby 3.0 is used to guide 2.0 implementers
	 to usage patterns.

Next Meeting:

	Rich moves: cancel next meeting and next mtg will
	 be 9-Sep-10.
	Paul seconds:

	  approved unanimously

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