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Subject: Proposed Agenda for 9 September 2010 TC Meeting

Proposed Agenda for 9 September 2010 TC Meeting:

Time: 13:00 EDT
Tel: 513-241-0892 Access Code: 65998

13:00 - 13:05 Roll Call & Approve Minutes:
Roll Call:

Approve Minutes:
12 Aug 2010 TC Meeting:

    Identity Management 2010
    Worldwide Identity Solutions for Online Security, Privacy and Trust
    27-28 September, Washington, DC  USA
 see emails:


XACML v3 Status:
  Next steps:
     All 8 specs are CS, we were going to check that TC-Admin
	did the necessary updates.
     To move to OASIS Specification need 3 members to confirm 
	they are using specs in conformance w the clauses
	in each spec.
	 - the core and profiles can proceed independently in general,
	    assuming no dependencies.

Export and IPC specs:
  TC Admin issues were addressed, ballots were issued:
	Both ballots approved doc as a Committee Specification:
		vote on each was: 9-0-0

New Issues:
A paper about extending XACML to specify quantified risk adaptive access control

Old Issues
User is asking why:
 "'3.1 Nodes in an XML document' requiring that not only
   should one include a resource-id of type xpath-expression for the node
   that is the resource for the access decision but also its parent and
   all ancestors. Why is this required by the spec? Why is it necessary."

 This should already be addressed in 3.0 hier profile;
   should we consider updating the 2.0 hier profile w errata?

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