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Subject: BrightTALK Authentication Summit Oct 7th

Dear TC members,
I have an opportunity to showcase the XACML Standard with a webinar
sponsored by BrightTALK, http://www.brighttalk.com/

The presenter must remain vendor neutral (use OASIS template) and a use case
would make for a popular focus.

Here is the description from the sponsor:

>> We're looking to fill one 45 minute online presentation slot to cover the
> overall theme of the summit of balancing authentication requirements
> security & convenience. Our main requirement is that the presentation
> remains vendor neutral and if possible, the speaker will be an end user
> providing a case study, real life examples and best practices.
>> Looking at the groups you suggested, I think the Key Management
> Interoperability Protocol TC would be relevant for this summit and it'd be
> great if we could have them involved.
>> To schedule the presentation, I will need the following information:
>> Presentation title:
>> Presenter job title:
>> Preferred time slot: 11-11:45am PT  or 1-1:45pm PT
>> Brief abstract (about 1- 2 paragraphs):

The webinar will occur on OCTOBER 7, so I need a reply quickly. Please send
me a brief abstract ASAP if you are interested in presenting.

Dee Schur, Senior Manager - Standards Advocate
OASIS: Advancing open standards for the information society
+1.978.667.5115 x211

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