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Subject: Minutes 23 September 2010 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call
 Voting Members
  Hal Lockhart (Chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
  Erik Rissanen
  Paul Tyson
  Gareth Richards
  Sridhar Muppidi
  Anthony Nadalin
  Rich Levinson
  John Tolbert

  Anil Saldhana
  Jan Herrmann

Quorum met: (63% per Kavi) 

II. Administrivia
  Approve Minutes:
   9 Sep 2010 TC Meeting:
   APPROVED unanimously

  Identity Management 2010
   Identity Management 2010 meeting will be held 
   27-28 September in Washington, DC  USA

   BrightTALK Authentication Summit Oct 7th
   Speakers interested in speaking on XACML are invited to contact
   Dee Schur at Oasis. For more information:

III. XACML v3.0 Status
  All 8 specs have been promoted to Committee Specification status. 
  The documents may be found: http://docs.oasis-open.org/xacml/3.0/

IV Issues
  Obligations satisfied by PEP?
  The TC discussed Jan's solution for resolving obligations. There is
  general agreement by the TC that this solution is compliant with
  the current definition of a PEP/Context Handler.

  Privacy Workshop
  Paul discussed how XACML TC might be able to contribute to IAB
  workshop on "How can Technology help to improve Privacy on the
  Internet?" TC members are encouraged to take explore:
  Risk Adaptive Control
   John offered that it would be interesting to develop a Profile to
   explore solving this. He felt that this could be done without
   changes to the Core specification. 

   Hal noted that without a specific scheme of attributes and values
   a Profile would be difficult. 

   Paul noted that an attribute based solution remains unbounded in 
   Gareth offered that risk assessment can be calculated based upon
   other attributes. He questioned if XACML can compute this.

   Hal offered that the current working assumption if that this
   information would be precomputed and provided to the PDP.

  Policy Distribution Protocol
   Hal created the term "cohort" to refer a set of Policies intended to be evaluated/enforced at the same time.

  Semantic Web Profile
   Paul informed the TC that he and David Staggs are working on 
   Profile for the "semantic web" that is based upon the XACML RDF
   discussion on the TC wiki. They may have something to discuss in
   more detail at the next TC meeting.

 Next meeting will be held on 7 October.

meeting adjourned.

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