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Subject: Minutes from 18 November TC Meeting

I. Roll Call
Voting Members
 Hal Lockhart (Chair)
 Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
 Erik Rissanen
 Paul Tyson
 Gareth Richards
 Rich Levinson
 John Tolbert
 David Staggs

 Duane DeCouteau
 Franz-Stefan Preiss
 Gregory Neven

Quorum met: (66% per Kavi) 

II. Administrivia
Approve Minutes:
 4 November 2010 TC Meeting:
 APPROVED unanimously

III. Issues
 Primelife proposal Next Steps
  Hal suggested that it would be very difficult to creature a convention
  that would address attributes which would represent predicates.
  Gregory asked if possibly uri prefixes might denote these attributes?

  Gregory offered that a possible update to the SAML/XACML Profile
  mapping between predicates and local attributes

  Rich agreed that a Profile is the way to address this given the
  initial discussions, but that much more information is needed.

  Hal suggested that the Profile may possibly be aimed at the Context

  Paul offered that whatever solution the TC comes up upon be a long
  range solution.

  Gregory suggested that the "complex solution" be pursued whereby the
  Context Handler is predicate aware and can perform ancillary
  processing and match "qualified" with "certified" condition derived

  Hal suggested that it may be very difficult to achieve since it is
  effectively Policy matching (heretofore intentionally avoided by the TC
  due to complexity). Of the 3 scenarios presented by Gregory in his
  first presentation, the first appears to be directly addressable and
  as does the second (possibly using using a Convention by using an
  annotation). The third case may be too complex.

  Paul suggested that we should explore the more complex cases before
  dismissing them and offered to explore the topic.

  Gregory volunteered to post a note to the list to initiate
  conversation online.  

 PIP directive (carried over from previous meeting)
  David was not on the call so this issue has been postponed. The TC is
  encouraged to pick this topic up on the 

 content-selector attribute
  Jan noticed that this was used in an example in the core specification
  but the definition was defined in the Multiple Resource Profile. The
  general consensus is that this doesn't require an errata at this time.

 WSDL for v3.0
  Jan has volunteered to investigate a v3 WSDL, suggesting that there are
  some issues that make this difficult.

meeting adjourned

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