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Subject: Minutes 21 April 2011 TC Meeting

I. Roll Call
 Voting Members
  Hal Lockhart (Chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
  Erik Rissanen
  Paul Tyson
  Doron Grinstein
  Remon Sinnema
  Gregory Neven
  Anthony Nadalin
  Rich Levinson
  David Staggs

  David Chadwick

Quorum met: (71% per Kavi)

I. Roll Call & Approve Minutes:
  14 April 2011 TC Meeting (Updated):
  APPROVED unanimously

II. Administrivia
  XACML WD-19 of core and WD-14 of SAML profile posted

  OASIS IDtrust Member Section to host IIW - 3-5 May 2011

  F2F Planning Update
   The F2F will be held in June 28th, 29, 30th in Boston. The agenda
   will be set for a 21/2 day meeting. Location is TBD pending inquiry
   by potential hosting organizations.

   There will be an XACML Webinar set for 8 June, 2011 at 11:00ET US
   (8:00PT US, 3:00GMT, 4:00 PM London, 5:00PM Budapest). Hal, Erik and
   Doron will be presenting.

  ITU-T Files of Interest
   Abbie is currently working on this.

  Meeting Schedule
   The TC will meet NEXT WEEK at the same time/number.

III. Issues
  Profile Examples
   Doron noted that the TC currently doesn't have example of a 
   Hierarchical nor Multiple Resource Profile. He asked if any TC 
   members is interested in posting such or if he should post something
   for review. Rich offered that there are a number examples in the 
   email lists in early 2009, that were revisited in Fall 2009. Hal 
   suggested that a thread will be started on the list. Doron will
   post to the list.

  XACML Working Drafts
   Erik suggested that we need to perform a deep review of the text if
   we want to get address "English" edits. Hall offered that we 
   establish a cutoff date of next week and freeze.

  Extended Indeterminate
   If a Policy is Indeterminate, spec doesn't specify which "flavor" of
   Indeterminate to return since there isn't a Combining Algorithm to
   combine the Indeterminates. Erik suggested that it be combined, but 
   there was consideration of the processing overhead needed to do so. 
   Paul asked if Target is "syntactic sugar"? Paul suggests that this 
   be case. Rich stated that a Target tells the PD if the Policy is 
   Applicable or not, and therefore is not Attribute reference 
   evaluation is not necessary (nor possible). Paul countered that the 
   only way to resolve the type of Indeterminate to ultimately return 
   you must continue evaluation of effects completely. The debate is 
   moved to the list.

  Attribute predicate profile for SAML and XACML
   Greg believes he will have his proposal ready in two weeks.

  BTG Profile (Break The Glass)
   David briefly reviewed the current state of the discussion and the current

  PIP directive (additional information directives)
   Hal noted that this topic has been quiet and offered that he is 
   working on an approach to possibly combining some of the ideas 
   that have been considered.

meeting adjourned

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