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Subject: Re: [xacml] BTG sequence diagram

Hi Bill,

Yes, I am assuming GlassMgr maintains the privilege state for users. 
i.e. the Policy
will say whether the User has the privilege, and therefore can be 
authorized to
enable the privilege. So, GlassMgr on the "front end" is a service that 
people to activate privileges that they would only use under special 

When a User wants to activate a privilege, the User goes to the GlassMgr 
and "activates it". This is the "breaking the glass". The implementation 
happen in a variety of ways. One way is that at authentication, the User is
given a bunch of "roles" or "attributes", one of which is a "break the glass
entitlement". So, when user goes to access GlassMgr, the User has an
"attribute" that the PEP can send to the PDP indicating the user is entitled
to activate this privilege.

Then on 3rd scenario, when PDP asks CH for btgState, the PIP will get it
from GlassMgr and find that it is now "true".

So, yes, one can regard the btgState as a "Resource" that is managed
by GlassMgr, that Users can access if they have "btg entitlement", which,
for example, they could get from an STS. But all these details are just
concrete examples of how the abstract btgState attribute could be managed.


On 4/22/2011 7:32 PM, Bill Parducci wrote:
> So Rich, in this scenario you are treating the BTG priv attribute as a Resource? If not, what does "permit" refer to?
> thanks
> b
> On Apr 22, 2011, at 4:25 PM, rich levinson wrote:
>> 	• The PEP in front of GlassMgr asks the PDP if this User is authorized to activate
>> his BTG priv.
>> 	• The PDP says yes, the User, according to Policy is authorized to perform this
>> action (activate the User's BTG priv), and returns Permit.

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