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Subject: support of <PolicySet> elements under PPS elements?

Hi there,

the XACML v3.0 RBAC profile states:


“...Permission <PolicySet> or PPS: a <PolicySet> that contains the actual permissions

141 associated with a given role. It contains <Policy> elements and <Rules> that describe the

142 resources and actions that subjects are permitted to access, along with any further conditions on

143 that access, such as time of day. ...”


From my point of view this PPS definition is unnecessary limiting the structure below PPS. I would propose to support <PolicySet> elements under PPS elements, unless there are good reasons why this should be prohibited.


Best regards





Jan Herrmann

Dipl.-Inform., Dipl.-Geogr.

Scientific Assistant

Chair for Applied Informatics / Cooperative Systems

Technische Universität München

Boltzmannstr. 3

85748 Garching


T: +49 89 289 18692

F: +49 89 289 18657

W: www11.in.tum.de


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