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Subject: [xacml] wd-20 issues

I found the following issues with wd-20:

5.14 Element <Policy>
	"<CombinerParameters> [Optional]
	A sequence of parameters to be used by the rule-combining algorithm."
- Are these parameters only used by the rule-combining algorithm, or also by the policy-combining algorithm?

5.14 Element <Policy>
	"<ObligationExpressions> [Optional]
	A conjunctive sequence of obligation expressions which MUST be evaluated into obligations byt the PDP."
- "byt" should be "by". Also in 5.21.

5.16 Element <CombinerParameters>
	"If multiple <CombinerParameters> elements occur within the same policy or policy set, they SHALL be considered equal to one <CombinerParameters> element containing the concatenation of all the sequences of <CombinerParameters> contained in all the aforementioned <CombinerParameters> elements, such that the order of occurence of the <CominberParameters> elements is preserved in the concatenation of the <CombinerParameter> elements."
- "Cominber" should be "Combiner". Also in 5.18, 5.19, and 5.20. Also found "<PolicyCominberParameters>" and "<PolicySetCominberParmeters>".
- "occurence" should be "occurrence".
- I have a feeling that some of these "<CombinerParameters>" should be "<CombinerParameter>", but I find that hard to tell with the current wording. Also in 5.18, 5.19, and 5.20.

5.18 Element <RuleCombinerParameters>
	"Support for the <RuleCombinerParameters> element is optional, only if support for combiner parameters is not implemented."
- This wording is unclear to me. Does this mean that support for <RuleCombinerParameters> is only optional if support for combiner parameters is not implemented???

5.29 Element <AttributeDesignator>
	"If the Issuer is not present in the attribute designator, then the matching of the attribute to the named attribute SHALL be governed by AttributeId and DataType attributes alone."
- And Category.

5.30 Element <AttributeSelector>
	"The values shall be constructed from the node(s) selected by applying the XPath expression given by the element's Path attribute to the XML content indicated by the element's Category attribute."
- "shall" should be "SHALL".

5.30 Element <AttributeSelector>
	"DataType [Required]
	The attribute specifies the datatype of the values returned from the evaluation of this <AttributeSelector> element."
- "The attribute" should be "This attribute", like everywhere else.

5.41 Element <AttributeAssignmentExpression>
	"The value specified SHALL be understood by the PEP, but it is not further specified by XACML."
- It only SHALL be understood for an obligation, not for an advice.

5.44 Element <Attributes>
- In the XML schema fragment, there is a trailing "<xs:complexType name="SubjectType">" that shouldn't be there.

5.49 Element <PolicyIdentifierList>
- We use "Id" everywhere, so why is this "Identifier" all of a sudden?
- Also, we use the plural "s" everywhere and here we use "List".

6 XPath 2.0 definitions
- "make user of" should be "make use of".


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