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Subject: AW: [xacml] F2F Agenda Topics

Hi Bill,all

great draft. Two comments on the following items:

>   PIP Directive
within the OGC there is a great interest in the PIP directive issue and the
currently running interop project (OWS-8) again highlights the need for such
a XACML feature. If we can arrange a time slot for this issue I could
provide some slides that demonstrate a possible generic solution and the use
cases that can be addressed. This solution can btw also be used to solve the
BTG issue.

>   PAP Interface
another important issue from my/our point of view. I hope we can have a time
slot for this topic too.   

Best regards

Jan Herrmann
Dipl.-Inform., Dipl.-Geogr.
Scientific Assistant
Chair for Applied Informatics / Cooperative Systems
Technische Universität München
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching
T: +49 89 289 18692
F: +49 89 289 18657
W: www11.in.tum.de
> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Bill Parducci [mailto:bill@parducci.net]
> Gesendet: Freitag, 17. Juni 2011 15:46
> Betreff: [xacml] F2F Agenda Topics
> With the F2f rapidly approaching, we need to start nailing down the
> agenda. In the past we have chunked up the discussion topics so that we
> can make sure to cover as many of them as possible, while driving the
> largest/most difficult issues to completion as the primary driver. To that
> end I would like to propose that we again break the days in half thus and
> then dissect from there as needed:
>  Tuesday 8-12
>  Tuesday 1-5
>  Wednesday 8-12
>  Wednesday 1-5
>  Thursday 8-12
> Below is a non-exhaustive list of open issues.
>   Attribute Predicate
>   BTG
>   PIP Directive
>   JSON Profile
>   Obligation/Advice Combining
>   PAP Interface
>   RSA Interop
>   "Web Friendly" Policy Ids
>   "Sticky" Policies
>   XACML Metadata Schema
> I suggest that we begin by fleshing out this list, then prioritize and
> schedule those topics that have the most interest and will have champions
> in attendance. My goal is to have a candidate agenda for the TC call next
> Thursday so please take a few moments to chime in with your thoughts.
> thanks
> b
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