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Subject: combining algorithm paper

The paper we are discussing is available from:

There is an update to this paper on ACM that has some significant
changes, however the main points remain primarily intact:
There are details on where this paper appeared and access info at end:

Access Control Policy Combining: Theory Meets Practice

Ninghui Li, Qihua Wang, Wahbeh Qardaji, Elisa Bertino, Prathima Rao
Purdue University, Department of Computer Science
305 N. University Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907,USA
{ninghui, qwang, wqardaji, bertino, prao}@cs.purdue.edu
Jorge Lobo
IBM T.J. Watson Research
Hawthorne, NY, USA
Dan Lin
Missouri University of Science
and Technology
500 West 15th Street, Rolla,
MO 65409

Permission to make digital or hard copies of all or part of this work for
personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are
not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies
bear this notice and the full citation on the first page. To copy 
otherwise, to
republish, to post on servers or to redistribute to lists, requires 
prior specific
permission and/or a fee.
SACMAT’09, June 3–5, 2009, Stresa, Italy.
Copyright 2009 ACM 978-1-60558-537-6/09/06 ...$5.00.

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