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Subject: Minutes for 14 July 2011 TC Meeting

Minutes for 14 July 2011 TC Meeting


David Brossard	Axiomatics	Group Member
Erik Rissanen	Axiomatics	Group Member
Gregory Neven	IBM	Group Member
David Choy	Individual	Group Member
Jan Herrmann	Individual	Group Member
Bill Parducci*	Individual	Group Member
Rich Levinson	Oracle	Group Member
John Tolbert	The Boeing Company*	Group Member

Quorum was not reached.

- ID trust steering committee is accepting nominations. Information has
been posted to the list.

- F2F notes have been posted to the list.

- v3 status

Erik is not aware of any outstanding issues in the current working
draft. If there are any issues, please post to the list.

During F2F Hal was going to reach out to Ray and Steven to hear whether
they have completed their reviews of the drafts. Bill will reach out to
Hal and ask whether he heard anything.

Rich thinks there is some missing terminology for the<Attributes>
element, like "subject entity", "resource entity" for instance. Erik is
concerned that introducing another term might cause more confusion than
what it would solve. Rich will think more about the issue and possibly
make a detailed proposal, possibly for the implementator's guide, and
post to the list.

- Timing of the meetings. Currently on weekly meetings. Erik would like
to stay on weekly meetings until drafts have been voted up again. John
would like to go back to bi-weekly meetings. Bill suggested that we stay
for weekly meetings one more week to hear from Steven and Ray, and if
there are no outstanding issues at that point, go back to bi-weekly.
This was agreed upon.

- Meeting adjourned.

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