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Subject: [xacml] Minutes 22 September TC Meeting - UPDATED

I. Roll Call
Voting Members
 Hal Lockhart (Chair)
 Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
 Richard Franck
 Doron Grinstein
 Crystal Hayes
 Richard Hill
 Rich Levinson
| Stefan Bohm
 Remon Sinnema
 John Tolbert
 Paul Tyson

Non-voting Members
 John "Mike" Davis

Quorum met: (72% per Kavi)

I. Roll Call & Approve Minutes:
 Minutes from 8 September 2011 TC meeting voted on.

II. Administrivia
 Question regarding IBM patents
  Hal investigated this with the help of Tony Nadalin and uncovered an
  apparent notification by IBM in 2005 regarding this. Richard Frank
  noted in 2007 IBM issued a superseding notification and he is in the
  process of getting the details for the TC/Oasis.

 XACML for "cloud computing"
  Hal noted that the slides are complete and posted to the TC site.

III. XACML v3 - SAML Profile
 Bill reviewed the editorial changes needed in SAML Profile (wd-14).
  Shall the TC make the updated SAML Profile working draft named
  xacml-3.0-core-wd19-saml-wd15 a Committee Specification Draft 
  AND submit to Oasis for a 15 day Public Review. The file may be 
  found here (as posted to the list):

  Moved: Bill Parducci
  Second: Remon Sinnema
  Objections: None

IV. Issues

 IPC Profile
  John will publish a new working draft of the IPC profile.  He
  intends to remove the action attributes and streamline the
  Obligations to just encryption and marking.  Paul would like to see
  use cases and/or policy fragments.  John and the Boeing team will
  develop a limited set of use cases and policy examples for inclusion
  in the IPC profile.  

  Paul raised some concerns and will update the licensing diagram he 
  added to his reply.

  Franz-Stefan offered that organizational hierarchical delegation of
  administrative rights may be applicable. Hal noted that this can my
  achieved using the existing Delegation Profile and suggested that if
  there are Use Cases not covered that they be raised with the TC as the
  basis for future work.

meeting adjourned.

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