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Subject: Minutes for 6 October 2011 TC Meeting

Time: 13:00 EDT (=GMT-0400)
Tel: 513-241-0892
Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 6 October 2011 TC Meeting:

I Roll Call&  Minutes

Voting Members

David Brossard 	Axiomatics 	
Richard Hill 	The Boeing Company
Rich Levinson 	Oracle 	
Hal Lockhart 	Oracle 	
Bill Parducci 	Individual
Erik Rissanen 	Axiomatics 	
Remon Sinnema 	EMC 	
John Tolbert 	The Boeing Company 	
Paul Tyson 	Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.


Doron Grinstein BiTKOO 	
Sridhar Muppidi IBM 	
Gregory Neven 	IBM

  Approve Minutes:
   22 September 2011 TC Meeting

	approved,  no objections

II Administrivia
  Possible XACML 3.0 Interop at RSA 2012

	Dee: starting early this year; need 5 companies to make
		it worthwhile;

  Vote on SAML Profile (editorial change) as CD, CS
  Bill updated SAML Profile WD:
  After Remon's comments Bill did another update to SAML Profile:

	bill: indicated some fine tuning to fix urls, still in
	the pipeline, have not lost our place;

IV Issues
  No new issues discussed on list.

  IPC Profile
    Paul clarified his comments:
    John responded to Paul's comments:
    in above response John indicated will publish update: TBD

	john: he and richard hill working on updates, new
	 rev soon;
	paul: still looking at closely

  Attribute Predicate
   Greg to provide update (tentative)

	greg: back after hiatus; will reinvigorate and give
	 updates soon

V Other business
	hal: rich responded to xml-dev on req for impls to tina
	 suggested sunxacml, as well as 2 or 3 items on home page

	adjourn; no objections 1:25 PM ET
	next call Oct 20

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