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Subject: Minutes 20 October 2011 TC Meeting

Minutes for 20 October 2011 TC Meeting:

I. Roll Call 
  Voting Members
   Hal Lockhart (Chair)
   Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
   Crystal Hayes
   Rich Levinson
   Erik Rissanen
   John Tolbert

  non-Voting Members
   Sridhar Muppidi
   Stefan Bohm

  Quorum met: (51% per Kavi)

II. Approve Minutes
  Minutes from 20 October 2011 TC meeting voted on.

III. Administrivia
  RSA InterOp
   Hal: Axiomatics and BitKoo are confirmed, Oracle is a Maybe and
   Boeing has offered to participate using a 3rd party implementation.
   Oasis has asked that we have 5 participants for the Interop so the
   TC is not in a position to move forward at this time. Hal will send
   an out a note to other potential participants this week to gauge

  XACML v3
   The XACML Core and SAML Profiles are in 15 day PR. Bill noted that
   the HR/RBAC Profiles have completed Public Review. 

   ACTION ITEM: Erik and Bill to gather comments in preparation for
   CS vote at next meeting.

IV. Issues
   John summarized the state of the IPC Profile. He has assembled the
   comments on WD-04 and created WD-05, which was posted to the list.
   He noted that Paul has made some comments that are currently under
   consideration. Erik reasserted his position that the Profile should
   use XACML attributes and offered an example of how they might be

   John countered the concern over the presence of "academic" elements 
   in the Profile, noting they they were of value for completeness.
   Hal and Crystal concured. 

   Erik asked if the examples in the current draft are normative. John
   noted that they are not. John will look for comments on the list
   before working on next draft.

meeting adjourned.

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