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Subject: IPC profile proposed attribute list

To reduce the number of string data-types, we've decided to expand the allowable strings for the "agreement-type" and "affiliation-type" attributes into separate Boolean attributes, as noted below.  I plan on updating WD-06 with this new structure and more explanatory text.

Resource attribute						Data Type
Copyright								Boolean
Copyright-Registration						String
Patent								Boolean
Patent-Registration						String
Proprietary								Boolean
Public-Domain							Boolean
Trademark								Boolean
Trademark-Registration						String
IP-Owner								String
IP-Designee								String
Agreement-Type:non-disclosure-agreement			Boolean
Agreement-Type:proprietary-information-agreement	Boolean
Agreement-Type:technical-data-grant				Boolean
Agreement-Type:patent-grant					Boolean
Agreement-Type:trademark-grant				Boolean
Agreement-Type:cross-licensing-grant			Boolean
Agreement-Type:royalty-bearing				Boolean
Agreement-Id							String
Effective-Date							Date
Expiration-Date							Date

Subject attribute							Data Type
Organizational-Affiliation					String
Affiliation-Type:customer					Boolean
Affiliation-Type:supplier					Boolean
Affiliation-Type:partner					Boolean
Affiliation-Type:non-profit					Boolean
Affiliation-Type:government					Boolean
Affiliation-Type:primary-contractor				Boolean
Affiliation-Type:sub-contractor				Boolean
Affiliation-Type:joint-development				Boolean
Affiliation-Type:authorized-sub-licensor			Boolean
Agreement-Id							String




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