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Subject: Minutes 1 December 2011 TC Meeting

I  Roll Call
 Voting Members:
  Hal Lockhart (Chair)
  Bill Parducci (Co-Chair, minutes)
  Crystal Hayes
  Richard Hill
  Rich Levinson
  Erik Rissanen
  Remon Sinnema
  John Tolbert
  Paul Tyson
  Sridhar Muppidi

  Stefan Bohm

Quorum met: (81% per Kavi)

I. Roll Call & Approve Minutes:
 Minutes from 8 September 2011 TC meeting voted on.

II. Administrivia
 RSA InterOp Status
  There is now a standing call on Tuesdays at 1:30pm (ET). A list has
  also been setup: xacml-demo-tech. Discussions on the interOp
  scenarios have begun. Hal will post more information for
  participating to the TC list.

 XACML -> LegalRuleML TC Relationship
  Hal suggested that the TC request a formal liaison once they are
  formed. Paul agreed. Rich has some concerns, but isn't suggesting
  that we not pursue the association. Rich noted that some work
  referring to a "generalization of XACML" seemed to be somehow
  associated with RuleML TC. Hal noted that there was work initiated
  by Tim Moses in 2006 in generalizing XACML by extending the Effects,
  but that work was discontinued because it was considered outside of
  the XACML TC's charter. No comment was made as to how that is
  associated with RuleML.

  ACTION ITEM: Hal will reach out to the TC Admin know of our
  intentions and then reach out to the chairs when they are determined.

 EC-US Profile WD-03
  John reviewed the current state of the Profile. Paul asked for
  clarification on editorial mechanism for listing identifiers. Hal
  noted that there isn't a clearcut guideline.  Paul and John will come
  up with a solution off-line.

 IPC Profile WD-06
  Hal suggested that the TC should move the Profile to CS status. John
  agreed, offering that this will give the Profile greater
  international exposure and will therefore increase scrutiny (and
  hopefully, input). Crystal concurs with proceeding with pursing the
  promotion of the current [scope of] work. Richard agrees because it
  will assist in the adoption of v3 within their organization. Paul
  voiced his concern that there are likely to be complexities that we
  have not uncovered yet and looks forward to seeing what comes up as
  part of the adoption process. 

  Hal asked if the TC has any reservations about promotion and what
  needs to be done to make the current Draft acceptable to consider it
  for CS status. Paul reiterated that the examples need to be cleaned
  up and the attribute references organized. Convergence on a Draft for
  consideration for promotion is likely to be produced fairly soon. The
  TC is encouraged to scrutinize this work now.

  The meeting on 29 December has been CANCELED.

III. Issues
 Intellectual Property Profile
  Attribute List

 XACML Media Type
  MOTION: Remon shall initiate the registration of 3 types media types
  for XACML: application/xacmlpolicy+xml, application/xacmlrequest+xml,
  and application/xacmlresponse+xml
  Second: Paul

 Identifier Matching (URI matching)
  Paul noted that using full URLs can be a nuisance. There are cases
  where you prefer strings for comparison and that there need to be
  further discussion in general. Hal suggested that if we really want
  to address the "size" issue that we look at exploring a more compact
  syntax. Bill agreed. Paul responded that XML entities can be used for
  simple compaction purposes, but that he wasn't sure that entity
  support is implemented in all XML parsers. Bill noted that the same
  issue applies to humans dereferencing entities as well.

 XACML Namespace
  Hal reviewed the background of namespace handling. Paul and Remon
  opined that the current naming structure is unwieldy. Paul asked that
  the Chairs post a question to the Oasis Chairs list to get access.
  ACTION ITEM: Remon will formulate the questions and Hal will post it
  to the Chairs list.

 Hierarchical Actions
  Hal asked if there are places where mechanics can be added into XACML
  that will allow those who require these actions, but not affect the
  Core specification.

meeting adjourned

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